BOSE Active Noise Reduction Headsets

Bose® military headsets provide an effective combination of full-spectrum noise reduction, clear audio and a comfortable fit.
We’ve been supplying active noise reduction (ANR) systems to U.S. military personnel since 1993.
Bose® Military headsets have helped armoured vehicle crews cope with exceedingly high noise levels, and increased their mission effectiveness.

We did it first.

Through the years we’ve continued to supply the military with ANR headsets that are field proven. They increase speech intelligibility, provide better hearing protection in high-noise environments, and stay light and comfortable with lower clamping force than most conventional tactical headsets. All of our military headsets offer binaural talk-through that allows wearers to monitor ambient sound and communicate with nearby crew. It all comes together to ensure that when you’re out there, you can win against chaos.

And we’re not stopping.

Because when you invent a technology and pioneer an industry, you understand it like no other. You feel a responsibility to continually innovate it and drive it into the future.
At Bose, we’re always dreaming and reaching for better.


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