Our Values

Aquaterro will deliver, with integrity; subject matter expertise, excellence in products, services, management, logistics and compliance in order to support our customers and inspire our team.




Our mission at Aquaterro is to provide professional personnel, operating in dangerous environments, with protection against threat by means of equipment and systems of the highest quality and performance. Our vision is to be the first choice of the most demanding users in Australia for provision of products and services designed to save lives and enhance performance.




Aquaterro has established and maintained a quality management system (QMS) with processes and procedures to deliver products and support to specification and on time. Aquaterro’s QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited. Our Quality Management System is designed and audited for: “System integration and management of design changes, import, delivery and support of survival equipment, body armour and tactical equipment systems for professionals”. Aquaterro is a Class-1 Licensed Firearms Dealer, a Prohibited Weapons Dealer and Holds several Government and Military Certifications.


Corporate Responsibility

Aquaterro understands corporate responsibility in line with fundamental principles, which for us: is all about community.
The community of our team and our families who are depending on our success and support.
The community of our clients, who rely on us to provide the very best in equipment and service, so that they can do their job and come home safe.
The community of where we operate, we strive to be good neighbours and support local business and philanthropy that makes a difference in our neck of the woods.
The community of our global network and supply chain, and ensuring that we build relationships and ensure integrity and fellowship.
The community of our planet, we take great care to monitor our actions, our consumption and our waste.

Aquaterro is proud to be an Ethical Clothing Australia certified company.



Aquaterro is committed to technical capability, development and support for our customers and the products we provide. Aquaterro key staff are factory trained Armourers, plus we have full time industrial design staff who are constantly working on new product design, and product development with our key manufacturing partners. Aquaterro has in-house Industrial 3D Printing capability, for customer and in house use, as well as Laser Cutting and Engraving, Industrial Sewing and Rapid Prototyping facilties.


Purpose Built Sustainment

Aquaterro and Broad Arrow Forge, represent one of Australia’s most capable and proven Sustainment assets.

Co-located in the Aquaterro Defence Precinct in South East Melbourne; Soldier Systems are Inspected, Repaired, Refurbished and Re-configured in line with Government Customer requirements and OEM Work Instructions.

Complete Life-of-Type capability is provided by Aquaterro, to ensure our customers are supported from procurement through to destruction and disposal.



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