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We take our work as a tactical gear manufacturer seriously, and have assembled an elite team of scientists, designers and sewing professionals in order to create truly revolutionary military gear. At TYR Tactical we’re never satisfied, and our team remains committed to creating and designing new and exciting products. This restlessness and commitment is what makes us the industry’s leading tactical equipment manufacturer.


Our tactical equipment is the product of a great deal of research and development conducted with the intention of creating tactical gear that performs better when the chips are down. TYR Tactical is proud to offer tactical backpacks, pouches and bags, ballistic vests, plate carriers and much more that are lighter, more durable and more functional than their predecessors. Our goal as a tactical equipment manufacturer is to do nothing less than revolutionize our chosen industry. As a manufacturer of wholesale active gear we believe our fighting men and women deserve the best, and have set out to provide them with tactical vests and more that fit the bill.


We know how vital state-of-the-art tactical gear is to today’s soldier, and have set about revolutionizing tactical equipment and the performance it provides. To that end we offer a diverse inventory of tactical supplies to serve every need of the men and women serving our country. We take our work as a tactical manufacturer seriously, implementing a holistic design approach to make our ballistic vests, plate carriers, etc. the type of gear that can help to advance the performance of those in uniform. We’ve assembled an elite team in order to facilitate the advancements that make our equipment so unique and battlefield ready.


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