Defence Minister visits Aquaterro

Apr 20, 2022


Aquaterro was pleased to host Australian Federal Minister for Defence the HON Peter Dutton MP, and Assistant Minister for Customs and Community Safety the HON Jason Wood MP on Tuesday, April 12th.

The Ministers had the opportunity to tour and inspect the company’s comprehensive 12,000m2 (3 acre) Defence Precinct and Headquarters, stretching across an entire industrial park block, located in Pakenham in Melbourne’s Southeast. This precinct is Australia’s largest, newest centre for small arms and protective systems programs.

MIN Dutton showed particular interest in the interrelated capabilities and variety of programs being supported from the high security specialist facilities. These programs cover program delivery for body armour systems, head borne systems, as well as world-class small arms and munitions provision. Support to these programs is provided via a specialist workshop, as well as some of the nation’s most extensive multi-vault storage and indoor firing range installations.

Aquaterro is currently delivering thousands of integrated body armour systems for the Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, South Australia Police, and Western Australia Police, in addition to the most modern small arms systems for multiple Australian government agencies.

The Ministers also saw the Australian Department of Defence-contracted Tiered Combat Helmet refurbishment program in full operation at Aquaterro’s latest purpose-built facility in the Precinct. MIN Dutton recognised the ongoing investment Aquaterro is making in 100% Australian-owned sovereign capability, and the reputation for excellence the company has gained.

Aquaterro Founder and Managing Director Graeme Bulte said in his welcoming address; “the human as the fundamental platform of all capability, is essential. Before a soldier or law enforcement officer enters a vehicle, boards an aircraft or a vessel they must first be wearing and be equipped with the very best technology available – integrated systems that match the nation’s expectations for our front-line professionals to be equipped at the highest levels, equal to Australia’s peers.”

Aquaterro supports the Australian and Oceania regions by providing and supporting global-leading products from companies such as SIG SAUER, Team Wendy, AVON, Oakley, Safariland, SureFire, Mustang Survival, and Wilcox. Aquaterro has learned from, and works closely with, these global technology leaders, to deliver products and full support of small arms systems, armour and protective systems, head-borne systems as well as engineering, logistics and systems integration services. Aquaterro also designs and manufactures a range of equipment under its Peacemaker brand and exports these products worldwide. The company’s Textile Design Workshop and Industrial Design & Engineering Dept are some of Australia’s most advanced capability in the industry.

Aquaterro has secured several world-first technology transfer agreements with its leading OEMs. These agreements provide the ability to manufacture, assemble, kit, and maintain the very best equipment from companies such as SIG SAUER, Team Wendy, TYR Tactical, Wilcox, and Safariland. This ensures that there is never a compromise between the very best equipment and local capability development.

Graeme Bulte said “We have invested here for the long term. We have put our money where our mouth is, and our investment is approaching $20million in fully Australian-owned infrastructure that is built for the sole purpose of supporting Australian professionals on the front line, with the very best equipment in the world.

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