SIG SAUER selected by U.S Army to deliver Next Generation Squad Weapons

Apr 21, 2022

Aquaterro welcomes and recognises the United States Army’s selection of SIG SAUER as the industry partner to deliver its Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program. The ten-year contract will see the M4 carbine and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon replaced in US Army service with the to-be-type-classified SIG SAUER M5 and M250, respectively. The timing of this contract award has the potential to dovetail neatly into Tranche 2 of the Australian Land 159 small arms replacement program, notionally scoped to replace current assault rifles, light support weapons, and machine guns.


Aquaterro - XM5 XM250

Sig Sauer XM5 MCX SPEAR, selected for the Next Generation Squad Weapon program, along with the XM250 and munitions.


Aquaterro Founder & CEO, Graeme Bulte said, “The selection of SIG SAUER by the United States Department of Defense (sic) to supply the Next Generation Squad Weapon and the XM5 and XM250 is both historic and transformative, signifying a generational shift in small arms technology. Aquaterro is SIG SAUER’s exclusive partner for the Australian Department of Defence’s Land 159 program, and provider of SIG weapon systems across multiple Australian and New Zealand agencies. Aquaterro welcomes this achievement and what it may mean for Australian soldiers into the future.

SIG has demonstrated itself to be a true partner to Aquaterro, and extremely supportive of the Australian soldier. Aquaterro has demonstrated its capability and commitment to providing local technology transfer, advanced manufacturing, assembly, armoury, and technical systems support. Providing the absolute best of equipment to Australians on the front line is, and remains, Aquaterro’s primary mission. ”

As Australia’s premiere small arms systems vendor, Aquaterro is looking forward to the opportunity to offer SIG SAEUR’s proven small arms systems for Tranche 2 of Land 159.

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