Create a New Product

To add a new product to the store, click on ‘Add new product’ on the Dashboard, or navigate to Products > Add New in the admin menu.

Enter in a product name, product description and product short description. On the side panel, select product categories that apply to the product, and enter in product tags that will help users find this product in a search request.

Scroll down to the Product Data table. The Product Table is where you can make the product a Simple Product or a Variable product. It contains a number of tabs to put product data into.

In General, enter in the RRP for the product in Regeular price. When a value is entered into Sale Price, the product will be displayed on the website as being on sale at that sale price.

Move on to Inventory, and enter in the SKU of the product. The SKU must be the same as the MYOB Inventory ID so that the product can be matched up in MYOB. You can set the Stock Status to In Stock, Out of Stock or Backorder. Click the checkbox for Manage Stock to put in a number for the amount of product in stock. 

The Shipping tab is where you enter in the weight and dimensions of the product. This will be used once we have full integration with Australia Post.

The Linked Products tab allows us to connect products together for Upsells and Cross-sells. This feature is not yet implemented.

The Attributes tab (and Variations tab when Simple Product is changed to Variable Product), as well as WooThumbs tab, are primarily used when working with Variations. This will be covered in another guide.

On the right hand side under Product tags, there are more sections to enter in product data.

Brands: Tick the checkbox of which brand this product belongs to. This will add that brand’s logo underneath the product in the shop page.

Brand Image Product Loop: Upload a brand logo here to display the brand logo on the product description page.

Product Image: Upload the main product image here. This is the image that is displayed in the shop and that is displayed as the primary image on the product page. 

Product Gallery: Upload one or more images here to populate this product’s image gallery.

Additional Information

Below the Product Data table are a series of additional areas where you can put in more information about the product.

Lifestyle Background: The image uploaded here is used as a background image that separates the main product sections (image, price, name etc) with the additional product sections.

Lifestyle Image 1: This image is displayed in the Additional Information section.

Extra Information: Add any content (images, text) here to provide extra information on the product.

Care and Use: Add in any content (images, text) here that provides information on how to care for and use the product.

Product Videos: Enter in “Embed” code for a product video from YouTube or Vimeo. Change the Visual tab to the Text tab before pasting the embed code.

Spec Sheet URLs: Navigate to Media > Add New, and upload a spec sheet. Once uploaded, grab the URL of the spec sheet and enter it into the Spec Sheet URL section here to add that spec sheet as a download on the product page. You can enter up to 5 Spec Sheet URLs. 

Save product in Draft mode 

Draft mode allows you to update and view updates of products without publishing it to the online store. After you have added information to the product and would like to save it, do not click Publish. Instead, click Save Draft. You can then click Preview to see what the product page looks like.

Once you have completed all work on the product, change the product from Draft to Pending Review. The product will then be reviewed by the website admin, and published after a check.

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