Aquaterro launches Aquaterro.TV

Mar 6, 2021

Aquaterro launched AquaterroTV to shine a spotlight on the development of new Australian made defence equipment. The launch even includes a limited time offer for those who sign up to the new video service.

The launch of the new platform coincided with Land Forces 2021 in Brisbane, with the team at Aquaterro unfortunately being unable to attend the event due to the recent Victorian lockdown, which dictated that those who had been in Victoria within the 14 days prior to 27 May could not enter Queensland.

The video platform, which has been touted as a “one-stop” platform for watching how defence equipment is trialled and tested, currently features testing of Aquaterro’s new SIG SAUER MG338 light weapons system, the SIG SAUER MCX-Spear and SIG SAUER LMG68, which were hoped to have been on display at the recent Land Forces exhibition.

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